Are You Cold Weather-Ready?

REMINDER: If you are away from your home and have not left your heat on please contact the office right away so we can make arrangements to prepare your home for potential freezing weather.***


If you plan on being away from your home during the cold weather season, please remember to leave your heat set no lower than 55 degrees and open cabinet doors where internal pipes are located (like under sinks) to improve airflow.***


Temperatures are predicted to drop into the 30’s and stay there over the next week or so and we want to be proactive to help avoid the very real possibility of broken pipes. As a preventative measure, please ensure your exterior garden hoses are disconnected and that you have placed an insulated cover over that faucet. These faucet covers are free and can be picked up at our maintenance facility. Contact info for our offices can be found on the "Contact Us" page of this site.***


In addition to freezing temperatures there is a chance of snow in the near future. When snow accumulation exceeds three inches our maintenance crews will plow most of the streets throughout the housing areas. The roads leading to the housing areas will be plowed by NAVFAC and/or city and county crews where necessary. The driveways and sidewalks in front of the homes are the responsibility of the residents to clear.***


Thank you for taking the above precautions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.