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2 Bedroom 1 Bath (SE5) - NBK Bangor


Lots of storage plus a one car attached garage! The large living area flanks the open concept kitchen/family room. There's an extended countertop for bar seating. Three hall closets and a utility room are tucked away and the bedrooms have nice sized closets. A full bath and interior bulk storage complete this home.

Square Feet: 938
Number of Dependents: 4
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1

Interior Features

  • Single story
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bath
  • Open concept living/dining
  • Separate family room
  • Interior bulk storage

Exterior Features

  • Single car attached garage with storage


NBK - SE5-2Bedroom (entry pathway)
NBK - SE5-2Bedroom (downstairs patio)
NBK - SE5-2Bedroom (kitchen)
NBK - SE5 kitchen other view
NBK - SE5-2Bedroom (dining area)
NBK SE5 - living room to backyard (downstairs)
NBK - SE5 - bathroom
NBK - SE5 bathroom
NBK - SE5 master bedroom closet
NBK - SE5 Bedroom
NBK - SE5 hall storage closet
NBK - SE5 garage
NBK - SE5-2Bedroom (exterior storage)
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